Holiday sparkles!

I showed you a daytime view of the Ku'damm from my gym and now it's time for something even better! Berlin's famous shopping street always looks good at this time of the year, but it's especially nice from above. 

Friday is finally here! I hope you have big plans for the weekend. My husband and I are going to look at some more apartments, some of which even seem promising. Then on Monday we're leaving for Portugal to play some golf. If you like reflections, you can see more of them at Weekend Reflections. And don't forget to stop by the newly created iPhone Phriday.

Kindergarten decay

This elementary school is very near my MiL's home. We were walking past it recently and I asked if she knew what happened here. She didn't have any information, but it seems the school has been abandoned, although the building doesn't look like it was emptied. It's all a little sad - I can imagine this place used to be one of joy and laughter. And now it's covered with tags and left to ruin. Maybe the kids will come back one day!

PS: Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! Have an extra slice of pumpkin pie on me!

In the U-Bahn

Ullsteinstrasse is the closest subway station to my MiL's home. It's a pleasant ten minute walk along the canals until you hit the main intersection where this stop is located. It's not on one of the major lines, but good connections are just a few stops away. I find it a convenient and economic way to get around town - certainly not what I was used to in Toronto! For more signs, take a look at Signs, Signs.

At the market

One of the things I was most excited about upon coming back to Europe is the plethora of open-air markets. Today I'm sharing a flower stall in my favorite Saturday morning market in Berlin - the Winterfeld Markt.  You can find most anything there, from the traditional meats and cheeses to handmade jewelry and craft items and even cookie cutters! My husband and I go to this market almost every Saturday to have a fresh-pressed juice and a stroll. It's a feast for all of your senses.

Seddiner See

Although we haven't found a place to live yet, we have found a golf club! My husband was a member of this club before we left Europe seven years ago. Since we have friends that still play there, we decided to join as well. Now we've really just got to find a home!

Blue skies over Berlin

This photo was actually taken a few weeks ago. My husband and I joined a gym which has a fantastic view over Berlin's main shopping street - the Ku'damm. Although I still find running on a treadmill incredibly boring, at least there's something nice to see outside the window! 

Hope you've got some nice plans for the weekend. I'm going to a Thanksgiving celebration with some of my husband's American colleagues. I am looking forward to a slice of pumpkin pie and some English conversation. Don't forget to check out more skies at Skywatch.

Treptow canal

A look at the canal that runs near my MiL's house. They have pedestrian / bike trails on both sides of the canal which makes it a very popular place for people to enjoy nature or just get a little fitness in. It looks like we might actually get some sun today, so maybe I'll take advantage of the walking path this afternoon!

Siehst du Hertha?

There is a lot of support for Hertha - Berlin's football/soccer team around town, but I was surprised to find this sign on the side of a building in a somewhat residential area recently. It seems supporters take their role pretty seriously here! Hope your Wednesday is off to a good start, for more signs take a look at Signs, Signs.

Two benches and a bike

A lovely fall scene from the Tiergarten park in Berlin. A very typical city scene!

Remembering summer

I found this cheerful building inside the garden colonies near my MiL's home. I absolutely love the big flowers and the bright colors, definitely a nice contrast to the gray skies we've been having. Monday has rolled around again and if you'd like to see more murals take a look at Monday Mural.

Reflections from Pariser Platz

A typical city scene from Berlin - lots of new and old mixing together, but I like the result! Friday is finally here, hope you've got some big plans. I'm sure mine will include more house/apartment hunting. It's very frustrating as prices have risen substantially, even just over the last six months. Hopefully we will find our "home" soon though as I'm ready to settle in. Until then, enjoy more reflections at Weekend Reflections.

Possible home?

My husband and I looked at an apartment in this building that we both really liked. Maybe it's time to make an offer? Everything takes so long here in Germany though that even if we came to agreement tomorrow, we probably couldn't move in before March! Some things are really different here.

Happy daisies

As I said, it hasn't really gotten cold yet here in Berlin. These daisies in my MiL's garden are still going strong. And we had a few hours of blue sky today. That really made me happy!

Natural bench

At the moment, we are living with my MiL in Templehof. It's a nice area and her house is near a garden colony that visitors can walk through. That's where I found this funny bench. I am sure it's a nice place to sit in the spring or summer season, maybe I'll come back later in the year and see how things develop!

Herbst in Berlin

A look at the fall leaves that are still hanging on near the Holocaust Memorial in downtown Berlin. Sorry I haven't been posting since opening this blog, but hopefully that will change now. I had some time this weekend to shoot a little bit. Hope you will enjoy!


I finally made it to Berlin! After a wonderful vacation in Australia and a few extra days in Toronto, I am in my new home. I wanted to use a really iconic photo of the Brandenburg gate to celebrate my new home, but looking through my archives, I couldn't find any that were suitable. But I think the Sony Center at Pottsdammer Platz is also pretty symbolic of Berlin. in any case, I will be running on archives for awhile as the weather here is not the best at the moment.

If you have any feedback on this blog template, please let me know. I'm excited to start a new blog in my new city!
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