Capitulation room

This is the main draw of the German-Russian Museum - the room where WWII was officially ended on 8 May 1945 when German forces signed the unconditional surrender. In attendance were representatives for the Allied forces - Marshal Georgy Zhukov on behalf of the Soviet Union, Air Chief Marshal Arthur William Tedder for the United Kingdom, General Carl Spaatz for the United States and General Jean de Lattre de Tassigny for France. 

There is a copy of the document on display in the museum. It is said that Eisenhower found the idea of a "capitulation ceremony" distasteful and therefore sent General Carl Spaatz to be the witness for the United States.

PS: Happy Halloween! I wonder if we'll have any kiddies trick-or-treating tonight.


It always pays to look up! I'll show you the entirety of this room at the German-Russian Museum tomorrow. Until then, hope you like this detail in black and white.

From outside

Here's a look at the German-Russian Museum from outside. Although the sign is very big, this museum is actually in a very residential area and many people probably miss it. It's Wednesday again and you'll find more signs at Signs, Signs.

Tank and benches

I find this whole set-up slightly odd. Perhaps the Soviets had some extra tanks left over after the war that they didn't want to take home - so they decided to build this memorial in the gardens of the German-Russian Museum? For more old stuff, take a look at Rubbish Tuesday.

The Treptower Hero

I found this work inside the German Russian Museum in Berlin; it is modeled after the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park. I don't know where this stained glass window was originally installed, but I find it interesting how each side has their own view on the events after WWII ended. Most accounts agree that the Soviets were quite brutal to the Germans who remained in Berlin when they "freed" the city at the end of the war. I guess it's up to us now as to which side we want to believe.

Here is the description from the museum:
Stained Glass Picture showing the Treptow Hero (1977-78)
Artisit Jurij Nesterenko
This picture from the Soviet Surrender Museum symbolizes friendship between East Germany and the Soviet Union. The statue at the Soviet Memorial in Treptow is said to be based on an actual occurrence and features the rescue of a German child by a Soviet soldier during the Battle of Berlin to illustrate the liberation of the German people from Naziism.

Hope your week is off to a great start! For more murals, visit Monday Mural.

Soft pink

A closer look at the roses in yesterday's garden. These photos are from back in July, but I had to share as I love that shade of pink.

Church garden and bench

I found this little flower garden and bench outside the Pastor's entrance to Maria unter dem Kreuz church on Bergheimer Platz. Check back tomorrow for a closer look at the blooms.

L'heure bleue

A beautiful twilight sky makes this statue really stand out. The weekend is here again! Do you have any big plans? Some friends and I are getting together to play cards and of course, I'll also try to get a round of golf in. Happy Friday! You can find more skies at Skywatch.

Real Berliner Bear

At one time Berlin had two live mascot bears. Unfortunately, one of them died and now Schnute is all alone. I'm pretty sure once she's gone there won't be another - her enclosure is really small and the upkeep is expensive. But I always like saying hello whenever I'm in that part of town. You can read more about Schnute here (only in German).

PS: The Berliner Bear is not in the zoo. This enclosure is in the middle of the city - another reason why it's not really suited for an animal of this size.

Lock bridge

This beautiful, old bridge takes you right over the locks on the Spree river. I love the shiny bronze sign, it caught my photographer's eye. For more signs, please visit Signs, Signs.

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Decorative details

I recently had the chance to take a guided tour of an old village near Berlin called Alt-Lübars. The tour included a walk through an old concert hall / ballroom called the Labsaal. The hall was badly damaged during the war and was left to rot during the DDR times. Luckily it was rediscovered in the early 1990s and has been restored to its former glory. The paintings on the ceiling really appealed to me - they almost seem like they're glowing! It's Tuesday again, so if you like old stuff take a look at Rubbish Tuesday.

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Toilet mural

The Trabbi and colorful painting certainly make this public toilet look nicer, although I'm still not sure I'd like to use it! Sorry for my absence of late, but being a tour guide is tough work. My parents are back safely home and I've got an overwhelming amount of photos, so sit back and enjoy! You can also see more murals at Monday Mural.

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Der Wachturm

The actual Watchtowers that lined the wall along Bernauer Strasse have long since been removed. To remind visitors of what they were like, artistic "replacement towers" have been erected. This is a view to the sky from one of them. It was a dreary day when I visited, so this just looks like black and white.
I'm away for the weekend in Prague. Hope you also have some nice plans for the weekend! Until then you can see more skies at Skywatch. And don't forget to visit Halcyon Travels for more of Paris.


I found this representation of how the Berlin Wall divided so many along the Bernauer Strasse memorial walkway. Something about it really touched me - maybe it's how this couple is together but still apart.

Some very important visitors (my parents) arrived in town yesterday! We are headed to Dresden and Prague tomorrow - that should be a lot of fun and also means more photos for Halcyon Travels. When we get back, I'm looking forward to showing off all the places I've discovered via my blog. Hope you won't mind some duplicate photos.

X marks the spot

One of the biggest and most successful Berlin Wall escapes happened right under Bernauer Strasse in October 1964. This plaque marks where the tunnel began on the West side of the wall, just imagine how the escapees must have felt climbing out into freedom. If you're interested, click here for a short video on the escape. Don't forget to stop by Signs, Signs for more signs.

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Some of the remnants of the  Church of Reconciliation that once stood on Bernauer Strasse are now on display along the Memorial Walk. The church was severely damaged during the bombing raids of WWII, but managed to survive until 1985 when officials in the DDR (East Germany) decided it should be demolished. What a shame as, as we know now, the Wall fell only a few years later. A new chapel has been built in its place and one of the area parishes uses it today for special services. To see more old stuff, head to Rubbish Tuesday

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Get away

I must admit, this photo was in the running for this month's movement theme, but I decided to go with something else. This past Friday (October 3rd) was German Unity Day - Germany's version of Canada Day or the Fourth of July. It was especially nice that it fell on a Friday this year so we got to make a long weekend out of it. My husband and I checked out some of the local street festivals and generally just enjoyed the great weather. (I also got my round of golf in!)

It's hard to believe it's been 25 years since the Berlin Wall fell. There is a long Wall Memorial along Bernauer Strasse where visitors can see exactly where certain events happened. This particular picture is pretty famous - that's an East German guard jumping the fence to the West before the gates were entirely closed. Pretty amazing that someone just happened to be there and captured this moment since this was before the age of selfies and cell phones. I'll be featuring more of Bernauer Strasse this week, so be sure to check back. Until then you can see more murals at Monday Mural.

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Bright days

Happy Sunday! This bright dahlia is straight from my MiL's backyard in early September. The seasons are changing here in Berlin, but slowly. We've had some fantastic fall days so far and I hope they keep coming!

Rainy day reflections

Looking down is sometimes just like looking up! Happy Friday everyone, hope you've got some exciting plans for the weekend. I hope to play a round of cards or two with friends and maybe some golf if the weather is nice. You'll find more reflections at Weekend Reflections.

To my German readers - Frohe Tag der Einheit!

PS: I am posting photos from my recent trip to Paris on my other photoblog, Halcyon Travels. Please stop by and take a look. You can click here or on the link on the right side of this page. Enjoy!

October theme day: Movement

Staying with yesterday's water theme, here's another look at one of Berlin's many waterways. Although it isn't totally apparent from this shot, this police boat was zipping by. Perhaps there was a Pfannkuchen emergency somewhere?

I can hardly believe a brand new month is here! I have started seriously looking for work, so I hope my phone will be ringing off the hook with interview requests soon. I hope you have some nice things to look forward to this month as well. If you'd like to see more examples of movement from around the world, just click here.

PS: I am posting photos from my recent trip to Paris on my other photoblog, Halcyon Travels. I've got a bonus movement shot posted there. Please stop by and take a look. You can click here or on the link on the right side of this page. Enjoy!
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