Marlene bear

The Marlene Bär stands outside the Marlene Bar (where else?) at the Intercontinental Hotel in Charlottenburg.

Made it!

Remember when I showed you the funny sign for White Trash Fast Food back in March? (If you don't, just click on the link). I promised to check the place out one day and so I did, although at the restaurant's new location in Treptow. 

I'm not sure I need to go back here. The food was only ok and the waiters were clueless Americans (it was hard to remember that I had to speak English to them!). But I'm glad I checked it out for the kitsch factor. The new location is much bigger and has a large outdoor terrace where bands and such play on the weekends. That might be worth coming back for - I guess we'll see! For more signs, take a look at Signs, Signs.

Confidential to my dh: Happy anniversary!

Argentinian urban art

As promised, here is a look at some of JAZ's (Franco Fasoli) other works. The Argentinian artist recently had a showing at the BC Gallery in Friedrichshein. Thank you to Perth Daily Photo for bringing this artist and his exhibit to my attention.

I have to admit, this type of art doesn't really appeal to me, but I was on a mission for a fellow blogger! The guy working at the gallery was impressed that JAZ has a following all the way in Australia. He was also very helpful, instructing me where to go to see yesterday's mural.

In any case, it didn't take long to see everything! If you want to read more about JAZ and his art, click on the link to the BC Gallery above or try here.

JAZ mural

A mural by artist JAZ (Franco Fasoli) in the heart of Berlin. Unfortunately, the area between the buildings where the mural was painted is not open to the public, so I hope you'll forgive the strange angle of this shot. You can see a video of the creation of this mural here.

I hope you'll come back tomorrow, I will have more of JAZ's work on display. Until then, you can see more murals at Monday Mural.

Purple reflected

A beautiful sunset reflected in the waters of the Griebnitzsee. I am really enjoying my first summer in Berlin. You'll find more reflections at Weekend Reflections and more skies at Skywatch. Happy weekend!

Haus am Waldsee

I just happened on the Haus am Waldsee on one of my exploratory walks recently. It looks like a lovely exhibition space and visitors were free to walk around the sculpture garden.

I really like that this bright yellow piece gets pride of place on the grounds. It was created by British artist Tony Cragg and is entitled Outspan

The doll parlour

I just love those old-timey shingle signs! You'll find the "Doll Parlour" in Berlin's Nikolai Viertel. For more signs, head to Signs, Signs.


A fountain in Berlin with Italian flare! That's the Roman god Neptune lording over the crocodiles and other animals in the fountain. In the background is the Marienkirche from yesterday's post. It is Berlin's oldest church, dating back to the late 1200s. For more old stuff, take a look at Rubbish Tuesday.


This is a mural of sorts that you'll find in Berlin's oldest church, Marienkirche. It is actually a replica of a fresco that was found in the entrance to the church during renovations. The church is trying to raise money to restore the fresco by selling small tiles to complete this mosaic version. It looks like they're doing quite well so far as the panel to the left (not pictured) and the middle panel are fully completed. I hope they get the funds they need, although I admit I didn't purchase a tile. 

The past few days have been quite busy for me. Real work has finally begun on our apartment and hopefully things will move quickly from here. The weather has also been incredibly summer-like and we have a guest in town this week. So I apologize in advance if my blogging and commenting is a bit spotty. In the meantime, you'll find more murals at Monday Mural.

Real fans

These guys must be die-hard fans to dress up like that! I saw them on the S-Bahn after the welcome home party on the Fan Meile last Tuesday. Things are back to normal now here in the capitol city, but I have to admit, I miss the excitement a little.

Four stars

This fan has got it wrong, we have four stars now, not two! It was nice to have blue skies during the final Weltmeister celebrations. You can see more skies of all kinds at Skywatch.

Celebrating together

I hope you're not tired of seeing Fan Meile pictures already! It was great that I was able to take part in welcoming the team home (even if I was way at the back). Seeing the actual World Cup on the screen was pretty neat and many people got emotional.

Welcome home!

I went to the Fan Meile one last time yesterday to be amongst the thousands of Germans who welcomed home the winning team. Everyone was dressed in German colors or wearing a victory t-shirt. Plenty of flags were flying and everyone was in a jubilant mood. It was fun to be a part of it!

Weltmeister highlights

I spent a lot of great moments on the Fan Meile this summer. Here are some of the highlights. And I'm going back today to welcome the winners home!


I'm sure the football Buddy Bear is happy today! Germany is the Weltmeister (for four years at least)! I just don't know what I'm going to do now as every night there was a match to look forward to. Guess I will have to find a new outlet for my energies.

PS: I will be posting some bonus Berlin shots and videos from last night on Facebook.

British delight

The Spirit of Ecstasy looks like she is flying in the clouds, thanks to the reflections in this beauty's perfectly polished hood. And you've got a bonus look at my legs in the grill! It's Friday again, hope you have some big plans for the weekend. Mine will include some golf and watching the World Cup final. For more reflections, head to Weekend Reflections.

American classic

Nothing is more American to me than a Ford! I'm not sure what model this is, but I'm sure someone will let me know in the comments. Hope you are enjoying these "oldtimers". Don't forget to take a look at Halcyon Travels for a look at a Le Mans race car.

A little bit of Italy

Who doesn't love a Fiat 500? I know I do!

If red isn't your color, you can find it in other shades too! Don't forget to check Halcyon Travels for a look at the special edition 50th Anniversary 911 model. You'll find it here.

The Classic

Here's another German original I really like! This is the original Porsche 911, also known by Germans as the Urelfer. I think she looks really good in red, but what I like most of all are the big, round eyes. You can see her predecessor, the Porsche 356 today on Halcyon Travels.


I absolutely adore the old (and new) Volkswagen Beetle! As you can imagine, there were plenty on display at the Oldtimer Show, this is the land of the Beetles after all. Here is a little selection of a few I found funny, although I'm not sure about the third eye on the "German" model. 

Don't forget to check Halcyon Travels for more old autos. I have featured an original Porsche Fire Truck from the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart today - you can see it here.

French original

I went with some friends to an "Oldtimer" show a few weekends ago. There were so many cars on display - it was a little overwhelming! Hope you'll enjoy my selection though, of course I wouldn't skip the French beauties.

This is the original Peugeot 301. I used to drive a little red 106 myself which I loved. I have a bonus original Beetle on Halcyon Travels today, click here to see it!

Fancy bench at Wannsee

This fancy bench is part of a larger sculpture that sits on the banks of the Wannsee (one of the lakes around Berlin). Unfortunately, I couldn't get the bench and the sculpture in the same shot, otherwise I'd have to go in the water! You can see a better view of the structure here. I'm sure this bench is popular on the weekends as it also has a nice view.

Celebrating summer: part two

If the Fan Meile is too much for you, you can also relax in one of Berlin's many Biergarten to take in the football match. 

These shots were taken during Saturday's match - Brasil vs. Chile. It was fun time, but I especially like the people-watching aspect of public viewing.

July theme day: Celebrating summer

When the FIFA world cup took place in Germany in 2006, Berlin instated the Fan Meile so that Germans in the capitol who could not get tickets to the matches would have a place to gather and watch them together. The idea was so successful that they brought it back for the following World Cups.

These shots are from last week's match - USA vs. Germany. The weather conditions were decidedly un-summerlike, cold rain and hail. but people were celebrating nonetheless! 

Tomorrow I'll show you another popular way Germans celebrate summer. Until then you can see more interpretations of this month's theme here.

PS: Happy Canada Day, eh!!!
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