I actually found this mural on a ceiling, so I hope it will still count! I don't know the relation of all of these families or names, but I loved the color and the designs. This particular mural was found at an Italian restaurant where I had lunch with some friends not long ago. 

The weekend has once again flown by and we're faced with another Monday. I had a great time with my friend and we were really lucky with the weather. Don't forget to stop by Monday Mural for more murals.

PS: If you have any special requests for something in Berlin, let me know. I am up for "assignments". 

The old brewery

This is the old Schultheiss Brauerai in Kreuzberg. Unfortunately, nothing is being brewed up here anymore, but the buildings have been converted into apartments, including the main office area that you see here. It must be really neat to live there - like a castle!

I went around to the other side and found these gorgeous windows. I'm really jealous of the people who live in that apartment. Not only do they have that fantastic view, they are also just a few steps away from the Kreuzberg park which has a fantastic Biergarten and is generally a great place to walk around. Hope your weekend has been good so far. I'm exhausted from the sightseeing, but it's fun to show other people around. Don't forget to take a look at other reflections on Weekend Reflections.

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A shack in Potsdam

I recently took a bike ride around the Wannsee and found this "summer cottage" nearby. It looks more like Bavarian-style architecture than something from Berlin or Brandenburg to me, but I'm pretty sure I could spend my summers (and winters) here just fine!You'll find more fences at Good Fences and more skies at Skywatch.

Friday is finally here! Do you have any big plans? A friend of mine from the US is here and we are going to do the full city tour which will also be a good chance for me to snap some new shots. Happy weekend!

Alfie's square

This lovely bench and tree sit outside the Krumme Lanke station that I showed you last week. The square is named for Alfred Grenander, the architect who designed this station and a few others in Berlin.

On another note, if you go back and look at my earlier post you'll see the police heading over to this scene. I didn't realize anything was going on there until after I got home and looked at these photos on my computer. I wonder what they were looking for in that bag and who would have called the police on them. A mystery!

A couple of wedding dresses in Wedding

If you're looking for a second-hand wedding dress, why not take a look in Wedding? I couldn't resist snapping this shot when I was walking through that area of town recently. The sign, however, appears to be out of date. I am pretty sure this is not the Bar Einrichtungen (Facilities Bar, whatever that means!). For more signs, head to Signs, Signs.

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Neben an

Old stuff somehow looks better to me in black and white. Plus I love the name of the restaurant next door to to this fabulous entrance. For more relics, take a look at Rubbish Tuesday.

Is anyone else having problems with blogger emailing comments? I used to get an email for every comment I receive on this blog, but now some are not coming through. Strange...

A tree grows in Wedding

I found this large mural just across from the Wedding S-Bahn station. It was painted in 2011 by artist Viktor Ash - I'm amazed it hasn't been tagged or defaced over time. I rather like the subject, although it could be more colorful for my taste. However Ash is known for his black and white murals and he's probably not going to change his style for me! It's Monday again and you'll find more murals at Monday Mural.

Green station

Here's a look inside Krumme Lanke station. It's the terminus on the southern end of the line, just after Oncle Toms Hütte that I showed you yesterday. This station is also part of the original line which opened in 1929, although it had to be rebuilt in 1989 as it was in poor condition. However, it was done in the same style as the original. Like yesterday's station, I think it looks rather modern. But I guess some things are timeless - like fantastic windows that let in lots of light!

Here's a quick look at the station from outside. It was designed by architect Alfred Grenander who is also known for his work on the London Underground. This is the end of my tour through Line 3 for now, but there are many other nice stations on the line that I'm sure will be featured at some other time.

More modern

These stairs take you down to the train platform in Oncle Toms Hütte station (yes there is a station called Uncle Tom's Cabin, click on the link to learn more). Although this station was originaly opened in 1929, the lighting fixtures and bricks seem more modern to me.

There are a few stations that are "aboveground" on the southern end of line 3 and this is one of them. Here you can see the fantastic glass ceiling that brings natural light onto the platform. It's a nice place to wait on a sunny day!

Watchful eagle

This eagle looks over the entrance/exit to the Hohenzollern Platz station. I know I already featured this station on Monday, but I really like this eagle.

So much so, that I had to show a close up of the details. Enjoy! And for more gates, take a look at Good Fences. Happy Friday!!!

Rushing by

We are back to Heidelberger Platz where an U-Bahn train leaves the station. U-Bahn trains have always been yellow while S-Bahn trains are red (although they also have a touch of yellow). I really love this station, those vaulted ceilings and beautiful lamps make for such wonderful details. The walls of this station are also lined with photos of the city of Heidelberg which add a really nice touch.

Here is a look inside the one of the cars on line 3. These are the "older" type style of cars that were modeled on the original U-Bahn carriages. This is the only type of car that travels on line 3, but some of the more modern lines have the totally open carriages like you see on some line of the Paris metro and in Toronto.

Ornate sign

Fehrbelliner Platz is another stop on the U-Bahn line 3. I really liked this old-timey sign, especially the storks that grace each side. I'm sure these symbols have some meaning, but I couldn't find any information about them. Hope you enjoy anyway! For more signs, take a look at Signs, Signs.

Looking up at Heidelberger Platz

It definitely pays to look up sometimes, especially at the entrance/exit to the Heidelberger Platz station on the U-Bahn line 3. I love that skylight and the fleur-de-lis is an added bonus, although I really should get back there with my wide angle lens to give you a better look at the full beauty of this feature. Heidelberger Platz station was one of the original stops when the line was opened in 1913. You can find more old stuff at Rubbish Tuesday.

A trip on the U-Bahn

I think I've mentioned this before, but if not here it is again, the U-Bahn line 3 is my absolute favorite! All of the stations were designed by an architect and each one has its own unique flair. I recently rode the rails from beginning to end and I'm going to share some of what I saw with you. Let's start with Hohenzollernplatz. Like many of the stations on line 3, there are nice murals lining the wall. I especially like this one.

But here is a look at the whole row of murals inside the station. For more murals, visit Monday Mural.

A real beauty

Straight from my MiL's yard, unedited. Enjoy!

Looking up!

A blue sky shines above one of the apartment buildings built during the communist era on Karl Marx Allee. It's Friday - hope you have some nice plans for the weekend! I predict there will be a round of golf in my future. For more skies, visit Skywatch.

PS: Happy Friday the 13th! Don't forget to buy a lottery ticket, or two...

Tiny blossoms

I have no idea what this flower is, but I just loved these perfect little blooms.

Stamp shoppe

We're back to Karl Marx Allee  the onetime showcase of East Germany. In those days it was still known as Stalin Allee and it was the grand boulevard for those that lived in East Berlin, with lots of fancy specialty shops. Most of them are gone now, but the facade of this old stamp collecting shop remains - a relic of the past. For more signs, visit Signs, Signs.

Old graves

I found these old crosses in the Old Garrison Cemetery of Berlin. It was very quiet there and I enjoyed strolling around taking in all the old soldiers graves. For more relics, take a look at Rubbish Tuesday.

Piece of a man

I have been doing some research and this is the second mural I've shown you from artist JR. It is part of his series The Wrinkles of the City. The other work I showed is also a large scale, black and white work on the side of a building. This mural actually used to show an entire man's face, I'm not sure what happened to the rest of him... a mystery for us to ponder this Monday! For more murals, check out Monday Mural.

Looking out

A lone statue looks out from the Bundeskanzleramt.

Spring reflections

This springtime reflection also comes to you from the Volkspark am Weinbergsweg. If you look very closely, you'll see the back of Heinrich Heine from yesterday's post under the trees in the middle of the shot. Monday is a holiday here in Berlin so my husband is taking a half day today to make a longer weekend. Although we aren't doing anything special, it's still nice to have the extra time together. Hope you enjoy your weekend, whatever you've got planned! You can find more reflections at Weekend Reflections.

Heine and some benches

I found this memorial to Heinrich Heine, one of Germany's most well-known poets, in the Volkspark am Weinbergsweg in Mitte. I'm not exactly sure what he's supposed to be doing, but it looks like he's up to something musical and although it's hard to see in this photo, he does have a smile on his face. 

Another land

Human will can achieve anything. This house used to be in another country. 
I imagine this statement refers to the fact that this building stands in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR or East Germany). It's a powerful sentiment, I wish I could find out more about what's in this building, but all I can tell you is that it's near Rosenthaler Platz. For more signs, visit Signs, Signs.

Socialist relief

A detail from one of the many "fancy" buildings along Karl Marx Allee. For more old stuff, take a look at Rubbish Tuesday.

German volks mural

I found this mural on Karl Marx Allee in what was the former East Berlin. Although back in those days, this boulevard was known as Stalin Allee and was a very important "show" avenue for the DDR. The country poured money and effort into building massive and highly decorated apartment and office buildings (in the so called wedding cake style) which would impress both its citizens and foreign dignitaries. This mural is also from that time and is a celebration of socialism. Despite the strange theme, I rather like the color and design. Hope you had a great weekend, for more murals head to Monday Mural.

June theme day: Zest

I found this Berlin Bear in front of an Ärztehaus on Hohenzollerndam. His bright color and fun pattern seemed pretty zesty to me, hope you think so too! It's the start of a new month - you will find more zesty shots from around the world here.
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