Signs of spring

Although we haven't had much sun or warm weather, the crocus are coming out like mad! I love the sight of them in spring. For more signs of all kinds, take a look at Signs, Signs.

I'm going to be away on a break for a bit. I'll see you in April!

Male torso

Here's another decorative piece that was on display inside the Humboldt Box. It seems the male torso has been dominated by an eagle. Make of that what you will. I'm linking this post with Tuesday Treasures.

Painted ceiling

Here is another mural of sorts from the Humboldt Box. Both Humboldt Brothers loved to travel and learn about other peoples and their culture. This painting is meant to show the influences of their non-European travels on their thinking. 

It's Monday again! After a few days of blue skies last week, we had a gray and cold weekend. It didn't stop me from enjoying Hertha's win at the Olympiastadion and a round of golf, but I do hope spring is coming soon. I'm linking this post with Monday Mural.

Kaffee und Kuchen mit Stil

Like all good museums, the Humboldt Box also has a cafe! It's on the top floor of the building and gives onto the construction site of the new Stadtschloss.

 As you can see, real progress has been made in the past few years that this has been underway. The cupola was added in 2015, I remember it being in the news.

There is also other construction going on in the area. A new subway station that will eventually be part of the line 5 is being built on Museumsinsel to make it more accessible by public transport. It seems like this project has been going on forever. I can hardly remember a time in Berlin without that subway construction, but it will be finished one day.

There's also a beautiful outdoor terrace at the cafe, but unfortunately, the day I was there was a bit cold and windy. I wouldn't mind coming back here though, it's a good stop if you have people from out of town visiting as you really get some nice views over Berlin. Best of all it's all included in the price of your Kaffee und Kuchen

I'm glad it's Friday. I'm also glad the weather seems to have taken a turn for the better. I've got tickets for Hertha this weekend and I don't want to sit in the cold. Hope you've got something fun planned for the weekend as well. Have a good one!

The Humboldtforum

The facade of the new City Palace will look just like the old Prussian castle that once stood here. However, the inside will be modern with much of it belonging to the Humboldt University. The rest of the building will be used as an exhibition space to house some of Berlin's art collection which has no permanent home at the moment.

This model inside the Humboldt Box clearly shows how the Humboldtforum will look once complete. The palace will face the Spree river with a view on the Lust Garten to the right. Just below the park is the Berliner Dom

It's a very exciting project and will certainly draw a lot of attention when complete, the grand opening is scheduled for 2019. I hope to get back then!


Every good museum ends with a tour of the gift shop. But don't worry, our tour isn't over yet! I just wanted to showcase this quote from Humboldt himself for Signs, Signs.

Architectural details

The Humboldt Box is a showcase for the soon-to-be-finished Stadtschloss. It is designed after the original Prussian palace that stood on these grounds until after WWII when the DDR razed it and built the Palast der Republik in its place.

This is a look at one of the original decorative pieces that has been cast in plaster to show visitors to the Box what some of the interiors will look like. There has been some controversy around the rebuilding of such an important Prussian symbol - people either love it or hate it. Count me as one of the lovers, I can't wait until it's complete!

I'll be showing more from the Humboldt Box this week, hope you'll stop by. I'm linking this post with Tuesday Treasures.

A whale of a time

I finally had a little bit of time to get out and about with my camera! This fun mural comes to you from the Humbolt Box - a temporary museum set up on Schloßplatz. There was a special section set up for children and it looked very inviting. I hope you'll come back during the week to see all the wonders The Box has to hold. Until then, you can enjoy more murals at Monday Mural.

Hall of mirrors

There's also a beautiful Hall of Mirrors inside the Schloss Charlottenburg. I was lucky to visit on a beautiful, sunny October day, perfect for catching some reflections of the windows that give out onto the gardens I showed you yesterday.

Though most of the pieces and decorations in the Schloss are not original, they have tried to source items that are from that era. I really loved this beautiful chandelier.

It also looks neat from below. Hope you have enjoyed this week's tour through the Schloss Charlottenburg. Happy Friday everyone! And don't forget to take a look at Weekend Reflections.

Schloss gardens

Looking back at how green the gardens were in October makes me long even more for the beginnings of spring. The gardens at the Schloss Charlottenburg were inspired by those at Versailles. There is some similarity, don't you think? Though certainly, nowhere near as grand!

Signs of wealth

Beautiful details abound in every room of Schloss Charlottenburg. The Emperors and Royals  who called this place home certainly didn't spare anything when it came to showing their wealth.

The horse crest seen here represents the coat of arms of the Duchy of Saxony, which was made up of the present day states of Saxony, Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. The crest was probably added after the marriage of Augusta of Saxony to Wilhelm I of Prussia to symbolize the unity of the two German states. For more signs, take a look at Signs, Signs.

Hall of portraits

The Schloss Charlottenburg only recently reopened after extensive renovations. It has been beautifully restored and decorated and is definitely worth a visit, if you're in the city. I'll show you more details from inside the halls and chambers throughout the week.

Until then, enjoy this portrait of Sophie-Charlotte, the queen consort the palace was named for. I'm also linking this post with Tuesday Treasures.

Looking up, again

I've shown you the cupola of the Berliner Dom before here, but I think it's worth seeing again. I think I've just about exhausted my stock of photos from the Dom, so this week I'll  take you on a tour through the Schloss Charlottenburg. I hope you'll come back tomorrow for the first stop on the tour. Happy Monday!

Angel's vantage

A view towards the heavens awaits you at the top of the Berliner Dom. It's well worth the walk up, for the wonderful views of the city and the skies. More skies can be found at Skywatch.

It's Friday again and I'm so glad! I'm going to see a basketball game this weekend, I hope it will be a win for Alba Berlin. If the weather permits, I'll probably also play some golf. What about you? Do you have any big plans for the weekend?

Looking out on the Lust Garten

A view of the Lust Garten from the Berliner Dom. This was taken back in October when the shadows were long and the grass green!

Church candles

I love photographing candles in churches. These were found inside the Berliner Dom. For more signs, take a look at Signs, Signs.

March theme day: Heimat

I must admit, I really struggled with this month's theme. I've moved around so much, it's hard for me to say exactly where I "belong", but one thing is for certain, wherever I am, I make it my home. Here's a look at the sofa where I do most of my blogging and knitting. I feel really happy resting and relaxing here, especially on a sunny, summer's day like this one back in July. 

I hope you had an easier time with the theme. I'll be looking forward to seeing other versions of Heimat. You can see more of them too, just click here.
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