Cool dude

Perhaps this is a self-portrait of the artist who painted this mural? He at least appears to be friendly with his big smile.

Here's a better look at the wall, it's really quite a large area! This one is on the side of a building near an S-Bahn station in Schoneberg. More murals can be found at Mural Monday

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Sunset on the canal

The clouds catch the last of the light as the sun goes down in Berlin. Hope you have a great weekend planned and enjoy every last day of this fantastic summer! More skies can be found at Skywatch.

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PS: Happy Bastille Day to my French readers!

Floral bench

A look back at the beautiful rhododendrons in my neighborhood. I just love these small gardens you can find on almost every corner. It's a great way for the public to enjoy the beauties of nature.

Happy Independence Day to all my American readers!!!

July theme day: Look down

If you keep your eyes to the ground when walking through Bebelplatz near the Gendarmenmarkt, you won't be able to miss the Memorial to the Nazi Book Burning. The empty bookshelves represent the universities and libraries that were emptied of all "un-German" works and publicly burned in the square on May 10, 1933. 

I took this photo in the evening when the room is brightly lit and creates a stark contrast to the black night. The memorial was created by Israeli artist, Micha Ullman. It's a stark reminder of those terrible times. As people would later learn, the words of Herman Hesse rang true, "Where they burn books, they will ultimately also burn people." 

Another month has rolled around. Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian readers! Don't forget to take a look here for more interpretations on this month's theme.

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