Anne Frank

A likeness of Anne Frank is on the wall just outside the Anne Frank center here in Berlin. I love the joy in her eyes and smile, although we all know she came to a tragic end. It's Monday and you'll find more murals here.

Hallesches Tor

Hallesches Tor is not one of the most beautiful U-Bahn stations by any means, but being right next to a canal gives it a certain cachet. The weekend is finally here and you'll find more reflections at Weekend Reflections.

Französischer Dom

Blue skies shine above the French Cathedral on the Gendarmenmarkt Square. Unfortunately, today's skies are not so blue, but rather gray and rainy. Hope the summer weather returns soon. If you're looking for more signs, you'll find them here!


I'm not sure who these people are and why their eyes have been "blindfolded", but it certainly gave me something to ponder when walking through my neighborhood recently. It's Monday again and you'll find more murals here.
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