Pride in Berlin

I saw a short piece of the Christopher Street Day parade here in Berlin over the weekend. It was great to see so many people out and about. People were genuinely happy and many were celebrating the US Supreme Court decision to allow gay couples to marry in all 50 states. 

Berliners know how to party, but they also know how to clean up. I was amazed out how fast the BSR got the streets back to their original condition. Maybe next year I'll brave the full parade!

Lady piper

While walking through Mitte recently, this lady piper caught my eye. It looks like the work is signed by SBB, but I couldn't find any information about the artist. If anyone knows more about this artist, please let me know in the comments. You'll find more murals at Monday Mural.

Bureaucratic reflections

Most people either love or hate the Bundeskanzleramt buildings in the Regierungsviertel - there doesn't seem to be an in between. Whatever your stand on modern architecture, you have to admit, all that glass makes for some fantastic reflections. On the right you can see the building known fondly to Berliners as The Washing Machine (a European, front-loader, of course) and just take a look at that lovely blue sky with a few puffy clouds. A perfect summer scene! For more reflective scenes like this, take a look at Weekend Reflections.

It's Friday again. Once again, I am hoping to hear back from my latest interview either today or Monday. Keep the fingers crossed and thumbs held for me. The weather is supposed to be cold and rainy again this weekend, but I've got at least one round of golf scheduled anyway. Do you have any big plans? Something fun on the agenda?


I found this rather large fellow standing guard over the Märkisches Museum. I've walked by this place many times and have always marveled at the architecture. Next Wednesday is the free day, so I think I'm going to go take a look inside!

Here's a little more info on our tall friend. His name is Roland of Brandenburg and he's a copy of the original, but made especially for the museum.

Bench, bike and reflection

There's lots to see here at the Ponyclub. The sticker-covered bench was the first thing to catch my eye, then I noticed the bike and finally, the reflection of a Fiat 500 in the window topped off this photo. I looked up the Ponyclub for you, it's a salon. If you're interested, you can find out more here and you'll find more signs at Signs, Signs.

On the tracks

Looking across the railway bridge at the Gleisdreieck station. There's construction on the U2 at the moment, so I've been spending a lot of time at this station. I think the structure looks nice in black and white - I hope you agree!

PS: I have yet another phone interview with one of the "Big Bosses" in the US on Wednesday and if that goes well, there is only one more interview. Keep those fingers crossed and thumbs held. The positive energy is working!

Brand new

I got this drive-by shot of a large-scale mural in progress on Saturday. I was really intrigued with the work, so I went by again on Sunday to get a better shot.

You get a much better idea of the size of this mural - it's huge! I was also happy to see that the work has been signed. It's a piece by Maya Hayuk, an American mural artist famous for her interlocking color designs. I couldn't find a title, but I wonder if this mural has ties to Pride Week which kicked off this weekend in Berlin with a street festival just around the corner from this spot. Hope you've enjoyed seeing Berlin's newest mural, you'll find more at Monday Mural.

What's going on in there?

I found this whimsical sculpture at the Balassi Institute Collegium Hungaricum. This guy looks so curious as to what's going on inside the Institute, but I think the real interesting thing here is those wonderful reflections in the windows!

Friday is here again. I haven't heard anything back from the job interview yet, but I hope to hear something today or possibly on Monday. Until then, I'm going to spend some good time on the golf course. And you can always see more reflections at Weekend Reflections.


I found these blossoms on a recent walk around the neighborhood. They are so fragrant - I wish I could pass the scent to you through the Internet.


Summer is here (sort of) and that means it's time to make the tour of all the local Biergartens. I haven't actually visited this particular spot yet but, it is within biking distance from my house and once it gets warmer, I plan on giving it a test run. I will report back to you on my findings, but I have a good impression already. For more signs take a look at Signs, Signs.

PS: There's more of beautiful Vienna on Halcyon's Travels.


I visited the Gedenkstatt für die Opfer von Terror und Gewaltherrschaft (Memorial for victims of terror and oppression) awhile back. Something about seeing these names listed on a cold tablet made me really sad. If only memorials like this could really convey something of the people who died - their lives, their stories... 

Berlin feeling

One thing you can say about Berlin, there is no shortage of murals! Today I'm showing you another piece of the "ultimate mural" - the East Side Gallery section of the former Berlin Wall. I'm not exactly sure what the artist wanted to convey with this work, but the mushroom DJ, the Oberbaum Brücke and the people partying on the banks of the Spree definitely give me a Berlin feeling. Hope you enjoy it and the other murals at Monday Mural.

PS: There's still more from Vienna at Halcyon Travels. Click here to enjoy!

Blue skies over the Spree

Blue skies abound over the Spree. I do hope the construction in this area will be over one of these days. It's Friday again. Do you have any big plans for the weekend? We have an out-of-town visitor coming in, so our guest room will be taking its maiden voyage. And of course, I have my interview this afternoon. I'm feeling quite nervous about it, but I'm pretty sure I can convince them I'm right for the job! 

For more skies, take a look at Skywatch. And there's more from Vienna on my travel blog.

Bright colors

Something about all of these colorful huts lined up really appealed to me. Hope you enjoy them too.

PS: I passed the phone interview and have an in-person interview on Friday. Send good thoughts, I really want this job! You can also see more of Vienna on my travel blog.

Traveling butler

The BSR comes up with the funniest campaigns to help keep the city clean. Reiner the "bin butler" makes an appearance every once in awhile on Friedrichstrasse or other heavily-trafficked areas to remind people to put their bins in the bin! If you like signs, you'll find more of them at Signs, Signs.

PS: I have a bonus Viennese sign up on my travel blog. And please send me good luck and positive thoughts this afternoon - I have a phone interview (only my second since moving to Berlin).

Watching from above

I found these wonderful details on a building in Dorontheenstrasse. I love how the guy on the left seems to be engrossed in his book while the man on the right is looking down at passers-by. I guess we all have to find ways to pass the time.

PS: There is more from beautiful Vienna on my travel blog.

Still life

I recently showed you a really large scale ROA work that I found in Vienna, and now here's one in Berlin. The title of this piece is Nature Morte - a play on words with the French term for still life. An interesting piece, but I still wonder how artists access these buildings, it would be so interesting to see how it's done.

Hope you had a nice weekend and your Monday is off to a good start. There are more murals waiting to be seen at Monday Mural. I also have a bonus mural for you at Halcyon Travels.

I've found it!

I no longer seek the perfect window reflection - I've found it! The weekend is finally here again, hope you have some nice plans. You know where you'll find me... 

Don't forget to stop by Weekend Reflections for more reflective shots. And there's still more of my weekend in Vienna here.

Volkspark Wilmersdorf

This is a stone to commemorate the Association of the Volkspark Wilmersdorf. I found it during a recent walk and thought it was worthy of a picture! Hope you enjoy it too.
PS: I've got another beautiful Viennese cafe up on my travel blog. You can see it here.

Golf bear

This funny bear suddenly appeared on the driving range of my golf course. He's advertising a big golf tournament that's coming up. I just hope the weather will improve before that day comes! For more signs, take a look at Signs, Signs.

PS: There is more from Beautiful Vienna on my travel blog. Just click here.

Stylish runner-up

This shot was my stylish back-up. If you go inside this Kniepe, it's really nothing special. But it looks fantastic from the outside with all of those flower boxes full to the brim! Unfortunately, it's been too cold to sit outside, but I'm sure that patio will be full in the coming weeks.

PS: You can still see more of beautiful Vienna on my travel blog here.

June theme day: Stylish

Here's a group of stylish Buddy Bears for you! I especially like the "Berlin" style of the bear on the right. It's hard to believe a new month is starting. Where does the time go? You can see more examples of Stylish from around the world by clicking here.

PS: I've got a stylish Viennese mural up today on my travel blog. You can see it here.
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