These buttercups are no more, but it's nice to look back on some of the beautiful spring flowers I had in my balcony garden. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

PS: Take a look at Halcyon Travels for more of the highlights of Rotterdam.

Fenced off

I found this entrance to a beautiful, private courtyard while strolling through the neighborhoods near where I work recently. There was something really inviting about the trees on the inside. I was very tempted to enter and see more! 

Happy Friday everyone! I am back from a week in Rotterdam. What a great city to visit with such wonderfully friendly people. I am very much looking forward to relaxing this weekend though. But before then, don't forget to take a look at Good Fences.

PS: Take a look at Halcyon Travels for some shots of beautiful Rotterdam.

Spy bridge

Here's a look at the Glienicke Bridge, also known as the Bridge of Spies. During the Cold War, spies were traded from East to West and vice versa right here above the Havel river. It's pretty amazing sometimes to live in a city with so much history.

Pop up lab

I was taking a walk during my lunch break last week when I came upon the Pop Up Lab. It was a display of some of the technologies that are being developed in Berlin, both by established companies and start-ups.

No technology show would be complete without the ubiquitous 3-D printer. This one was working on a laundry basket.

There was also a funny robot who dropped a box with a little prize inside right in front of you.

It contained a small, but tasty, treat! For more signs, don't forget to take a look at Signs, Signs.

Chestnuts in bloom

I don't think the chestnuts have ever been prettier in Berlin. This one near Akazien Strasse is an especially fine example.

Silhouettes on Ku'damm

Hope you've got a lovely weekend ahead of you, it's another long one for us! If it doesn't rain and storm, I'll be on the golf course. For more skies, take a look at Skywatch.

PS: Happy Friday the 13th! Hope you bought some lottery tickets.


It was a beautiful day to be out on the water this past weekend. I caught these sailors from my view on the Wansee Ferry.

Sad sign

These ghost bikes are everywhere these days. This one has a sign in memory of a 75-year-old woman who had a fatal accident at this intersection on 1 October 2015. Very sad. For more signs, take a look at Signs, Signs.

Fancy tulips

It almost looks like a peony, but it's a tulip, I promise!

Golf reflections

This picture was from a few weeks ago. The weather has heated up a bit in Berlin since then, today's view was much different! It's still a nice reflection though. Hope you're having a great weekend, don't forget to visit Weekend Reflections.

Sylt bear

This Buddy Bear represents the German island of Sylt. It's located in the North Sea and is a very popular summer destination for well-heeled Germans. There's even a salad dressing named for the place (though I don't like it much). 

Today is a holiday in Germany and I spent most of it playing in a golf tournament. Unfortunately, it's back to the grind for me tomorrow, but at least this little break has made the week a bit shorter.

Living together in perfect harmony

If tea and coffee drinkers can come together, that's already a step towards world peace. I must admit, I love a good paper shop and this one looked very intriguing. It was just closing the evening when I happened past, but I will have to come back for a look inside. Don't forget to stop by Signs, Signs.


I am definitely someone who likes to look up, but sometimes it pays off to look down. I love the patterns created by these cobblestones. And the specks of cherry snow make the scene even prettier. It's Tuesday again, don't forget to stop by Tuesday Treasures.

Cinema Checkpoint

It turns out the Cinema Checkpoint isn't a cinema at all, but a second-hand shop. Perhaps the interesting name draws in curious shoppers? I know I'd like to go back and take a look. I was there on a Sunday when all the shops in Berlin are closed. For more murals, take a look at Monday Mural.

May theme day: Smell

I had real trouble with this month's theme. I couldn't find anything suitable for "smell" and I didn't want to take a picture of spring flowers (most of which don't smell anyway). I finally decided on photographing something I like the smell of very much - Coco Chanel. It's my favorite perfume, though I probably don't wear it often enough. 

Hope you found this month's theme easier than I did. For more scents from around the world, click here.
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