Kreuzberg hangout

I usually don't like to make my posts early, but tomorrow is the CDP theme day so here's my weekly sign for your viewing pleasure. I found the Möbel-Olfe in Kreuzberg and something about the glittery background and the deer head together appealed to me. The bar actually looked quite nice inside as well. For more signs, take a look at Signs, Signs.

Magical land

It looks to me as if this lady is dreaming of a magical land. Just follow the yellow brick road!

Isn't it crazy how quickly Monday comes around? Well, it's here again and you can find more murals at Monday Mural.

Shadowy view

Here's another look at the Willy Brandt Haus but this time in black and white. It was a bright, sunny day when I visited and I love the shapes of the shadows. You can find more at Shadow Shot Sunday.

Lots of glass

Lots of glass at Willy Brandt Haus makes for lots of nice reflections! Hope you have some nice plans for the weekend. You'll find more reflections at Weekend Reflections.

Book box

I was surprised to find this "Book Box" just outside of Grunewald station. There is one just steps from my apartment and I thought it was unique to the city. You never know what you might find when you decide to venture out a bit!

Leaves scattered

From the Gleis 17 Memorial at Grunewald station. It's a simple, yet poignant reminder of this terrible time in history. For more signs, visit Signs, Signs.


A view on the famous bridge from the Spree. If you've seen the movie Run Lola Run, you may remember it. I was lucky that a train happened to be driving by when I got this shot. I think it adds a lot to the photo.


I found this bright mural in the oddest of places, in a little alley near my home where an apartment building keeps their bins. It really doesn't fit in with the style of houses around here, but it is nice to see a splash of bright color. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, mine was a little cold, but things are supposed to heat up this week. If you like murals, you can see more at Monday Mural.

Something old

The news from 1947. Found lining the walls of my MiL's house when she decided to do some renovations recently. It's fun to find a little piece of history like this.

Cemetery fence

There's just something about the light in this photo that I love. It's so soft and diffused. It's Friday again, hope you have some good plans for the weekend. I may play some golf if the weather is nice enough. Hope you enjoy whatever you have planned and don't forget to stop by Good Fences.


Those of you who followed my photo blog in Toronto may remember how much I love the works of William McElcheran. Imagine my surprise when I turned the corner in Berlin and found THAT GUY sitting there!

McElcheran was a Canadian artist who spread these sculptures to different cities across the world, but I had no idea there were any here in Berlin. If you have THAT GUY in your city, I'd love to see him. Until then, you can see a few Toronto examples here and here.

German folk

An early morning view of the Reichstag, before the lawn and stairs are covered with tourists. I like it in black and white, I hope you do too. For more signs, visit Signs, Signs.

Doorway and benches

Something about this doorway appealed to me. And the nearby benches just made the whole scene! This was taken in a neighborhood school yard where kids (and adults) come to play soccer on the weekends.

PS: Happy Saint Patrick's Day to those who celebrate!

Deer sighting

I have heard of people seeing wild boar here in Berlin, but never deer. Until now!

Happy Monday everyone, hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend. Head over to Mural Monday for more murals.


Judging by the amount of flowers here on this grave, Vati and Mutti must have been well-loved.

Day's end

The old listening station was a fantastic place for photos. I hope you've enjoyed the tour, although I might have to feature a few more shots here and there.

Until then, enjoy the beautiful sunset. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy more skies at Skywatch.


Looking up inside one of the few radomes (bubble things) that hasn't been touched. It was already pretty monochrome in its original state, but I liked it even better with added black and white.

Signs of the times

Another look at the old listening station on Teufelsberg. I do hope the artists will be able to fund a restoration effort. It would be a shame for this piece of history to become another commercialized property. For more signs, visit Signs, Signs.

Listening station

Since so many of you were curious about the listening station, I thought I'd post a few pictures with a better overall view. Teufelsberg is located in what was formerly the American sector of Berlin. During the Cold War, devices that could intercept communications from the Russian sector of Berlin (East Berlin) were housed inside those bubbles, officially known as radomes.

The listening station has been abandoned for many years now. There was a proposal to destroy the old buildings and build a hotel on the site, but the plan was opposed by Berliners. Today the space is run by a group of street artists who give guided tours of the site. They hope to eventually raise enough money to turn the space into an artist's retreat and gallery of sorts. We'll see where the future takes us... You can read more about Teufelsberg and the listening stations by clicking on the links above.

More from Teufelsberg

These two works are painted on the inside of one of the old, tattered listening stations on Teufelsberg. 

Maybe it's the lack of color, but there is something haunting about these images. For more murals, visit Monday Mural.

PS: I'm back in Berlin and hope to get caught up visiting all the blogs soon. Hope you enjoyed the posts while I was away.

Die Welt

The Die Welt balloon flies above the skies of Berlin on helium power. I tried to take a trip up this fall, but it was always grounded when I was stopped by. Maybe one of these days... until then you can see more signs at Signs, Signs.


You sometimes find beautiful things in the most unlikely places. 

These lovely shadows were made by this door to a mausoleum. I thought they were perfect in black and white. Hope you agree!

Maybe famous

I believe this is a portrait of someone famous, but I'm not sure who! I found her at the old American listening station on Teufelsberg. This photo was also among my choices for this month's theme. For more murals, take a look at Monday Mural.

March theme day: Aging

A structure showing its age. Found at the old Teufelsberg listening station. A new month is here, for more interpretations of Aging, click here.
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