A collection of marble sculptures inside the newly refurbished wing of the Schloss Charlottenburg. I recently saw a performance of Mozart's greatest hits in one of the upper rooms. It was a real treat to see the palace "after hours" and the musicians were really talented, especially the soprano. Hopefully there will be other performances to enjoy in the future!


  1. It must be real fun to hear music in places that were perhaps meanted to hear such music in its time.

    1. Yes, they explained to us that historians believe Mozart did actually play in the hall where the concert took place back in the day. He was running low on funds and was touring Europe to build up his coffers. Unfortunately the Prussian king didn't pay him for his performance. :(

  2. Some beautiful works of art in a lovely setting.

  3. Exquisite work on these marbles.

  4. Hello Blog friend, saw you on a Dutch blog (in the side bar). Beautiful statues, and am glad you enjoyed the concert! Scrolling down I saw the Book box - how neat that they do the same as her! The bass player coming by gives it an extra touch:)

  5. Lovely sculptures. My daughter and I will be attending a Mozart concert when we are in Vienna next month and we are really looking forward to it!

  6. beautiful and what a great space for them!


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