He Xie

The river crabs were another piece that I really liked. Here is more information on the work from the sign:

"He Xie: 2011, Porcelain
In recent years, Chinese government propaganda has used the term hexie or "harmonious" to describe an ideal contemporary Chinese society. The undertones of the word, however, imply absolute conformity, and serve as an excuse for violence in "stability maintenance". Internet activists quickly latched on to the term as a threat to plurality and freedom of speech. The river crab is a homophonic pun on the word he xie, a fitting image for a society where criticism must be indirect and language takes on highly encoded meanings to evade censorship.

In 2010, in order to protest the Shanghai government in unreasonably demolishing his newly-built studio, Ai Weiwei held a river crab feast for online followers who went to the site to voice their support. He was illegally placed under house arrest for the first time."


  1. That one he had here too and I also liked it.

  2. I'd find myself wondering if one of them was real.

  3. Arrested?! Such an extreme reaction!

  4. Ca me donne envie de manger une étrille.

  5. There's a lot to crab about in China when it comes to free speech. I do like this exhibit!

  6. They look so real. I like Lowell's comment about China.

  7. Sorry, I see a con man trying to hide his nothingness behind some political action...

    1. I'm not sure I'm convinced of the artistic merit of his works, but it was an interesting exhibit. And I definitely appreciate the fact that I live in a freer country.

  8. This is fantastic, especially after reading what's behind it. As I told you before I'm a big fan of his, his work is always so surprising!


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