Table and Chest with Striped Chairs

Here is the last piece from the Evidence exhibit I have to show you. I hope you've enjoyed this short tour through the show this week. I am still contemplating what I can show for tomorrow's these day, Zest. Guess I need to work on that! Here is some additional information about this work:

"Table and Chest with Striped Chairs: 2007, Wooden table and chest, chairs from the Ming dynasty
Old furniture that has been used over time gains a patina which gives these items a beautiful sheen as well as showing the furniture's age. Following the removal of a 1mm layer from the original surface, the Ming dynasty table and chairs as if they were brand new. By eliminating traces of use and their history, Ai Weiwei asks viewers to consider questions of authenticity and the value and meaning of antiques and original artworks."


  1. I rather like this exhibit! I do love wood in all its forms and expressions. Thank you for sharing. It's nice to see you're going to put a little zest in your life very soon, too! :) Don't forget to play golf!

    1. I played yesterday. My game has gone to crap since moving here. I think the courses are harder and I get worn out from carrying. (Only handicapped people can use carts).

  2. Great shots of the exhibition. So i still can see what i missed. Thanks for showing.

  3. Avec l'explication, ça va un petit peu mieux...

  4. Well, they are nice chairs. Whether they are also art is debatable!

  5. All very neat and orderly!


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