Towards the light

I had always wanted to visit the Märkisches Museum, if only to see the architecture from the inside. It is such an interesting building with interesting exhibits inside too! Won't you come inside and take a look...


  1. Does the museum have a particular focus?

    1. It covers the history of Berlin and things that were produced here over the years. It is quite an interesting place!

  2. Thank you for the invitation ;)
    I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  3. yes thank you! this is a beautiful shot to start us out with!

  4. I like the arches and I do want to follow you inside!

  5. Lovely picture, looks like a fascinating building....I like the light at the end of the tunnel effect...

  6. I will be here to accompany you on the tour.

    Going to be in Fort Myers? Great. I am flying back to CT on December 17 in the afternoon and returning to SWFL on the late afternoon of December 30. Are you going to be there before or after those dates?


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